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Our Mission

Creating Shame-Free Communities

Saying we support men and women in their journey to mental wellness is one thing, but what does that look like?

The goal of the Recovery Rebels softball team is to raise awareness regarding mental health, addiction, and suicide. We do this by changing the conversation about the shame that has been placed on mental health and addiction. The Recovery Rebels softball team creates a safe, sober, and fun environment for our players to enjoy the things that they once loved.

Team members are supported through their journey by being with like-minded people who understand their challenges. How do they understand? Because they've been there. Additional resources and help can be provided to those seeking more.

You can end the shame and stigma and help those to receive the support they desperately seek.

Waking Up Alive!

After years of abuse, addiction, a desperate search for praise and approval, and living in unbearable pain and isolation, Rob Decker reached a breaking point that drove him to take drastic measures. After a failed suicide attempt and a friend not giving up on him, Rob woke up alive with a new lease on life.

"Our world runs rampant with despair, isolation, and pain. I want to use my experiences to offer hope, healing, and restoration for others who feel lost and, in their own minds, believe that there is no hope," says Rob. "There is a 'silent crisis,' the number of people with a mental health issue is growing at an astonishing rate. It's time to bridge the gap with mental health systems and provide informal support for all who deal with various issues. It's time for men to RISE AS LIONS."

Rob Decker speaking engagement

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